Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Incorporate the Winter Holidays Into Your Wedding

Very often couples choose to have their weddings around holidays to ensure the likelihood of their families attending. Here are my top three tips for incorporating just a touch of three upcoming winter holidays -- Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas -- into your celebration. (And because Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall within the same time frame this year, you may wish to incorporate both!)


1. Make the meal festive, but don't serve turkey.
Make it pheasant or venison instead, which will be reminiscent of the past, but super elegant and on trend for today. Have your caterer serve individual soups in covered tureens to complete a wintery, elegant and very Thanksgiving feel to the dinner.

2. Create layers with your table décor.
Think mulberry, forest green, burnt orange, chocolate brown and layer, layer, layer like you would your winter wardrobe. Here's a perfect time to add table runners and chair covers to create a sense of warmth and depth that otherwise you wouldn't.

3. Incorporate unexpected, but still holiday appropriate, accents.
Try gold candles in the centerpieces and incorporate fruits in the florals, such as small oranges, rich red grapes, and pomegranates, to keep the look fresh and current.


1. You don't have to do a blue and white wedding.
While these colors are the hallmark of the holiday, focus more on the spirit of giving rather than trying to stay within a "theme." Present the place cards in the form of wrapped gifts to reflect this aspect of the holiday.

2. Let there be light.
Known as the "Festival of Lights," Hanukkah provides the perfect opportunity to add in extra candlelight, lanterns, string lights, et al. If you don't want to go as far as to have a menorah as part of your décor, candelabras can serve as a festive nod to the icon of the holiday.

3. Incorporate holiday language.
The classic Hanukkah saying is "a great miracle happened there" -- referring to the oil that lasted eight days instead of just the one it was expected to -- so it is nice to incorporate this idea into the wedding. As a note with your favors, or as a posted sign, tell your guests, "A great miracle happened tonight, thanks for being a part of it!"


1. Put up mistletoe in the photobooth.
Turn your photobooth into a kissing booth -- no one can say no to mistletoe, after all. Your guests will love it and, you never know, you could end up inadvertently playing matchmaker for your single guests.

2. Make it metallic.
Pay homage to the popular Christmas song "Silver and Gold" by decking out your tables in both metallics, which will provide a chic, holiday feel without resorting to green and red decor, which can look less elegant.

3. Trim the flower girl and ring bearer.
There are few things more darling than seeing the little ones walk up the aisle before the start of the ceremony. And, because their outfits tend to be more flexible than the ones worn by the adult members of your bridal party (in that you can have more fun with little protest), you can make them a bit more holiday-themed. Trim their outfits with festive accouterments -- flocking, bells, even angel wings, if you so desire -- and you'll have everyone aww-ing in their seats.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Planning a South Florida Wedding During Off-season?

Are you in search for the perfect time to host your South Florida Wedding? Yes, depending on your wedding day vision, it might not be a bad idea to get married during off-season. This blog post will assist you on your planning journey!


  • Wedding costs will be lower – During this time period everyone in the wedding industry is less busy, therefore their pricing is adjusted to accommodate the market. You will have more room to negotiate your rates. A bride could easily host her wedding at her dream venue and end up under budget! Couples will pay less and receive the same quality, what more could you ask for? 
  • You can cool your guests with creative options- In light of the hot weather, you can choose to give your guests personalized bottled water for the ceremony or even serve a light and refreshing sorbet course during dinner. Use the season to your advantage and make your wedding unforgettable!
  • Brides can play dress up- Brides can comfortably wear short-sleeved, sleeveless, halter neck and even backless dresses with ease in this climate! The bride-to-be will have a very wide variety to choose from, so go ahead and unleash your unique flair!
  • It gets dark later– Use this lighting to your advantage and enjoy sunset photographs! Your photos will not be run of the mill, as the sky offers a dramatic backdrop.


  • The inevitable heat- It will be hot, but everyone will live! 
  • The flights may be more expensive- During this time of the year, airline tickets are more costly.
  • Flowers sections could get tricky – Conduct your research, narrow down your preferences and wedding vision to fit the season’s flower availability.

In Summary

Clearly the pros outweigh the cons! If you are taking the off-season plunge, please consider the following:
  • Select the right photographer and videographer –In South Florida, along with the summer heat, we have afternoon showers. Based on your ceremony and reception time, it is essential to have a photographer and videographer that have the ability to work creatively in varied weather conditions. In the matter of moments, you may have to relocate your formal shots. Brides need to feel comfortable with their vendors’ professional expertise and aptitude for delivering the very best product. I always tell my brides “After the wedding day you are only left with your memories, the photos and the video. Make the investment where it counts!”
  • Be Prepared – The heat may prove to be an issue for your hair and makeup, ensure that you stylist prepare accordingly and schedule your appointment as close to the ceremony as possible. As I planner, I usually recommend, having beauty vendors on site after the ceremony so that they can retouch the bride’s hair and makeup prior to the formal shots and ceremony.
  • Remain open-minded- The weather will be hot and humid, please take your guests into consideration. It is not the ideal environment for an outdoor wedding. However, there are many creative ways that you can capture the beauty of our tropical setting, without torturing your guests with the ultimate sauna experience. Consider hosting your ceremony and reception in a ballroom that has a panoramic view of the beach or cityscape. This way you can capture the essence of South Florida while creating a comfortable environment, which will allow your guests to truly savor your affair.
  • Keep it compact- Go with an all-inclusive planning approach. Get ready, host your ceremony and reception all in one venue. This will make it easier on you and your guests!

Eventfully yours,

Amarae`Blyden-Richards, MBA

Chief Event Strategist & Designer 
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Traveling the Globe in Aisle Style

Western Culture 

The traditional of white wedding dresses became all the rave when Queen Victoria wed in 1840. At that time white dresses were reserved for the elite. The average bride married in everyday clothes. As time progressed, the white wedding dress became a symbol of purity. Christian cultures have preserved this tradition for generations.
Eastern Culture

Asian Wedding Dresses 

 In Asian, brides often opt for brightly colored shades of red. Wedding dresses in China are often comprised of red fabric that is embroidered with silver, white and gold threading. Symbols of love, luck and fertility are incorporated using intricate threading. Many dresses are also adorned with symbols of the phoenix and dragon, which symbolize the male and female in Chinese culture. Brides in Japan, wear white Kimonos and change into a red kimono following the wedding ceremony. The red Kimono symbolizes good luck. 


Indian Wedding Dresses 

India has a culture that is primarily Hindu based. The bridal attire is usually red, pink, burgundy or wine. Traditional Indian brides wear Saris that are opulently embroidered and embellished. Indian brides often accessorize with white and red wedding bangles along with gold jewelry.  In India, bridal attire oftentimes varies by region. Oftentimes the bride's feet & hands are decorated with beautiful henna designs, which signify strength of love in a marriage.    
                                                                              {Image Source}

African Wedding Dresses

African wedding dresses come in an array of colors and styles. This occurs because African weddings are often comprised of multiple ceremonies and the traditional wedding. For each event, different wedding attire is worn. The dresses are as unique as the bride herself and are usually custom made.  Many wedding garments are made with vibrant colored Ankara fabric and voile lace. The bride and groom typically wear matching outfits, made with the same fabric. There is often no mistaking who “the happy couple” is!

In Summary 

Cultures from across the globe have a rich and deep symbolism associated to color. Most times, a wedding dress color takes its hue from these long standing traditions. As the varied cultures of the world meet, so do their customs and traditions. We are now witnessing in western culture, brides mixing colors and styles from other cultures into their wedding dress selections. As global citizens, brides are taking full advantage of the flexibility to interweave cultural influence into traditional wedding ceremonies. We encourage you to truly personalize your wedding style by adding a splash of color or maybe even some henna! Let us plan your upcoming multicultural wedding!

Eventfully yours,

Amarae`Blyden-Richards, MBA

Chief Event Strategist & Designer 
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